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Francesco Ciccolella | Eldenaer Str. 60 - 4th floor (right) | 10247 Berlin - Mobile: +49 15252106829

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Francesco Ciccolella

Web and Graphic Designer

Eldenaer Straße 60 | 4th floor (right)

10247 Berlin (Germany)



Francesco was born in 1981 in Molfetta, a hamlet on the south east coast of Italy. Between the ages of 13 and 21, he wore boots, chains and padlocks and hung around Italy and Europe with his mohawk hair and his beloved dog, doing odd jobs and messing up things (when he did’t fall asleep). After wasting six years in the scientific high school, he embarked on university life and, shortly after, sent everything to hell. He began working “seriously” in his family’s printing house at the age of 20. He started as “delivery boy” and within 9 years he became head of the Design and offset pre-printing Department and digital press operator. And, apart from this, he carried on delivering stuff around every now and again. In the printing house he learned his job, how to manage a working team, how to train apprentices and, most of all, he learned how to solve problems. Quickly. At the age of 30 he moved to Berlin and created jorodesign. Besides being a graphic designer, web designer and prepress technician, he solves problems, repairs computers, organizes gigs and tours for hc-punk bands, “still” plays with Lego, makes a delicious pizza and drives a Moto Guzzi Bellagio. He basically keeps on doing what he’s always been doing, but now he wakes up when he likes and doesn’t wear boots anymore.


Apart from this website, he has a LinkedIn profile (which he never updates), a Flickr page, a Behance profile, a Xing profile,

a GoogleBusiness page, an E-Mail and hell fuckin no: he’s not on Facebook.


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